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   Coal oil one hundred billion yuan "great leap forward" coal production enterprises cluster coal chemical industry 2011.10.25
   The United Nations food crisis will solve the super summit announced a number of measures 2011.10.25
   Baosteel clarify rumours: go to harbor 60 billion financing view wrong 2011.10.25
   The ministry of commerce: China must stabilize labor intensive industry exports 2011.10.25
   Hong Kong exchange fund first kui hk $52.4 billion question Joseph yam high salary 2011.10.25
   China steel association malicious batch of Indian ore prices virtual high water filling 2011.10.25
   The national bureau of statistics: quarter in the green zone macro economy 2011.10.25
   The national development and reform commission coordination electricity coal to electricity enterprises or nervous government subsidies 2011.10.25
   Zijin mining the chairman to purchase the ultra low-cost 100 million shares 2011.10.25
   Jay Chou's endorsement eye drops for "fake" is refers to misdirect consumer 2011.10.25
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